• Design • Fashion • Portable

  • High Hydrogen Content

    Set high hydrogen content, strong negative potential, alkaline, small molecules as a whole

  • Healthy Hydrogen-rich Water

    any raw water to drink straight, can be made

  • Size

    small size, large, give you safe and healthy drinking water.

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Magical Water of The World

With O Water の Hydrogen, any drinkable water will becomes water rich with hydrogen in 5 minutes, it is portable and let you drink the magical healthy water anytime.
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What People Are Saying About Us

  • 我用了许多 产品,也无论我怎么按摩都无法去除这让人烦的妊辰纹;直到我遇见了SUGAWA移动式富氢水机。... Mdm. Anna Chin
  • 约一个月后,我才突然发现,那已经困扰我六年之久的偏头痛,竟然在没有用药物的情况下却不再犯了... Christine
  • 其实富氢水可以拿来洗眼睛的,它能减轻老花眼,甚至连近视都会好... Madam Jolie Chong
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