Company Profile

Welley Timber Sdn Bhd

Welley Timber Sdn. Bhd. is a growing manufacturer of hardwood plywood with a total investment of over $15,000,000 (US) in Malaysia. The factory is operated by 500 well-trained, experienced employees from Germany and Japan. It is equipped with state-of-the-art semi and fully automatic imported machines. Welley Timber has successfully expanded its wings to global markets, with high demands for its luxury plywood that meet international standards of excellence. 

Paft Timber Sdn Bhd

Paft Timble Sdn Bhd invested more than USD 20 million, the six acres factory mainly produce IONWOOD FLOORING,  they able to produce at least 3.5 million square meters of high quality flooring boards annually, supply to local and international markets.


SUGAWA IONWOOD provides Negative Ions Wooden Flooring ,besides 20 stores in local market ,It has significantly grown across continents and established across China, USA, UK, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia....etc


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Hong Kong Venture Capital