O Water の Hydrogen Q & A

Sugawa O Water の Hydrogen - User Guide

Sugawa O Water の Hydrogen - Maintenance

  • Does the product comes with warranty? +

    Sugawa O Water and Hydrogen Maker comes with 2 years warranty.
  • Does Sugawa O Water and Hydrogen Maker has been certified by any third party? +

    The product has been endorsed by by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), customers could be rest assured about the product quality.
  • Which are the parts that require replacement? +

    Battery could be replaced yearly, Mineral Filter needs to be changed after 300-500 times of usage.
  • How to clean and maintain the product? +

    In the product guide found in the product packaging box has the explanation teaches customer how to use and maintain the product.
  • Could we use hot water to product O Water? +

    Water temperature should not be more than 40 Degree Celcius, High temperature could cause pH becoming to high and may cause the water releasing strange odor.
  • Can we use the pipe water for electrolysis purpose? +

    Pipe water has been added chlorine in order to kill bacteria. Therefore pipe water is not meant to be drink directly and not recommended to be used for electrolysis purpose.
  • Would the ORP effect be reduced by the number of usage of electrolysis? +

    The electrolysis effect will be reduced as deposit of iron or mineral is being form on the surface of electrolysis plat after numerous. Therefore, we recommend the user to cleanse the electrolysis plate once in every 3 months.
  • How to cleanse the electrolysis plate properly? +

    Put some citric acid in an empty glass, add water and stir it until it is fully dissolved. After that pour it into the O Water and Hydrogen Maker’s cup, wait for 30 minutes and then shake it with force, then dispense the water, after than rinse the O Water
  • What are the uniqueness of the Sugawa O Water and Hydrogen Maker? +

    ► High Hydrogen content. ► pH level within 8.5 – 9.5. ► Small cluster water molecule, easy to absorb. ► ORP-300~-500. ► Rich in mineral content. ► Able to create and drink hydrogen water at any where and any time. 
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Embryo Rice Q & A


  • Rice hulling process? +

    rice→brown rice→embryo rice→refined white rice
  • What is brown rice? Setback of brown rice. +

    Paddy rice grain is enveloped with layers of bran and husk, just like fruit is surrounded with a layer of Paddy rice grain is enveloped with layers of bran and husk, just like fruit is surrounded with a layer of skin. After removal of outer layers, we get brown rice.
  • What is embryo rice? +

    Embryo rice is a kind of rice which retains its embryo and other parts exactly the same as white rice. All nutrition of rice is concentrated in the embryo which makes up 2.5%-3% of the rice and yet retains 80% of nutrition, essentially the treasure of nutrients. Rice sold at
  • Embryo rice and its nutritious value? +

    Brown rice is enveloped with tea coloured outer layers, once removed it becomes embryo rice. However, traditional rice hulling machine tends to remove embryo as well. Embryo is situated at the bottom part of ricegrain and connected with radical through a fine thread whichis easily detached from the grain. After
  • Benefits of Eating Embryo Rice? +

    Helps to remove body toxin from the body Helps absorption of nutrients.Cultivates good bacteria.Construction of vitamins.Fights harmful bacteria. Shortens stool passage in the bowel and releases constipation. Reducesinternal bowel pressure. Reduces cholesterol and lipids level.Prevents and improves obesity. Prevents and improves obesity.Regulates BUN level. Regulates blood glucose level. Absorbsmicro nutrients
  • Benefits of embryo riceto different groups of people? +

    Children –Insufficient Vitamin B, C, D and minerals among children would weaken their immunity, affects their physical maturation, causes kid obesity, poor IQ and memory etc. Nutritious embryo rice would satisfy the need of child physical growth and development.Women –Women are born to look pretty. Embryo rice beautifies, moisturizes and
  • Why embryo is known as nutrition treasure in rice? +

    Embryo is the most vital center of rice. As we know, embryo is the part where new life starts and various nutrition of rice is found. Embryo is rice in protein, starch, dietary fiber, multivitamins and biological active matters. It also contains micro elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium
  • The history of embryo rice? +

    As we know, Japan is a country with longest life span in the world. Recent study showed that Japanese life span for man has reached 81 years and woman 86 years. The major reason is Japanese consumes fresh embryo rice daily. In Japan, price of embryo rice is 25 times
  • The development of embryo rice overseas? +

    After World War II, in the midst of natural diet trend, there were various types ofrice consumed. Anyway, only in the past 30-40 years, embryo rice consumption was discussed about seriously. In 1910, a well known professor from University Of Tokyo discovered Vitamin B. He managed to extract bran juice
  • The benefits of long term consumption of embryo rice? +

    Studies in Japan and Korea indicate that long term consumption of embryo rice would promote healthy development of human body, maintain skin nutrition, reduce cholesterol, burn fats, reduce blood pressure, control diabetes, ease constipation and reduce the occurrence of cancers. Health awareness is increasing nowadays and more attention is given
  • Why instant grind and sell rice is freshest? +

    Traditional way of riceconsumptionrequires paddy rice to be pressed, squeezed, ground, hulled and Traditional way of riceconsumptionrequires paddy rice to be pressed, squeezed, ground, hulled and further storage and transportbefore reaching our dining table. Some unethical merchants have actually bought rotten rice to reprocess andremarket. Industrial oil such as bleaching
  • What is the misconception of diet in our country? +

    For the past 10 years, we thought rice should be as white and as fragrant as possible but in fact this is a serious misconception. The rice ordinary people eat is usually old rice and low quality rice. Why? It’s simple, any good quality rice would get old after 2
  • Why does white rice do more harm than good? +

    Rice grain is made up of rice husk, bran, endosperm and embryo. After hulling process, rice grain becomes brown rice and further grinding process removes its bran and embryo, white rice is obtained. It is then polished further to become refined rice. This involves multiple stages of processes. The more
  • What does it mean by eating rice scientifically is more beneficial to health? +

    Young generation today don’t eat brown rice but refined white rice and noodles. They never know that long term consumption of refined white rice and refined noodles would cause vitamin insufficiency, they might suffer from beriberi, polyneuritis etc. Breast feeding mothers eating refined white rice and noodles would cause their
  • Fuctions of nutrients found in embryo rice? +

    Vitamin B1 Embryo rice is rich in Vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is essential for sugar metabolism, insufficiency causes low appetite, digestive disorder, fatigue, limbs numbness, edema or even heart enlargement etc. appetite, digestive disorder, fatigue, limbs numbness, edema or even heart enlargement etc. Vitamin B2& B6 Vitamin B2 in embryo
  • Why do we have to remove the outer layer of brown rice where the nutrient is found? +

    The outer layer had to be removed because it can cause indigestion especially if ones suffering from gastric problem.
  • I have been taking brown rice, why should I take embryo rice? +

    Brown rice is good but if you take embryo rice your body will easily absorbed the nutrient and it taste good too.
  • What can I do with the Bran? +

    The bran can be mix into your beverages, baking & cooking.
  • Where is this Machine from? +

    This Machine is equip with Japan’s Technology but made in China because the labour’s fee are cheaper.
  • I am having problem with my kidney & heart, is it safe for me to consume embryo rice? +

    It is advisable that you wash your rice because too much starch will put pressure on your kidney and heart, therefore, by washing it then it is safe for you to consume it.
  • Can I grind white rice? +

    No. There is nothing left on your white rice but carbohydrate.
  • How much water do I have to put in to cook embryo rice? +

    1 cup of water to 1cup of rice. If you prefer your rice softer, then add 1 ¼ of water to a cup of rice.
  • Do I have to soak embryo rice before cooking? +

    No. You can cook immediately.
  • How much water do I need to cook porridge? +

    10 cups of water to 1 cup of embryo rice.
  • How long can the bran last? +

    If you intend to keep it longer, then we would advice you to preheat it around 5 minutesand store it in an air tight container.
  • Can I buy embryo rice from the supermarket? +

    No. Embryo rice cannot be found in store because it will be easily oxidized. It is best if we can consume it immediately after grinding.
  • Can I steam embryo rice? How much water do I need to add in? +

    Yes, embryo rice can be steam and you have to add 1 ½ cups of water against 1 cup of embryo rice.
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